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This page is a short list of the competitions for unpublished novels that we’ve entered or heard about as a group. Hope they are useful – we hope to blog about our experiences in each of them.

Every effort is made to ensure the content below is up to date and accurate – if this is not the case, please do contact us and we would happily change it :-_________________________________________________________________

Competition Closing date Entry fee Description
Exeter Novel Prize 1st January 2017 £18 Submissions are invited of the first ten thousand words including synopsis of an adult / YA novel that has not been accepted for publication by a traditional publishing house.
Pageturner Prize 16th January 2017 Free A finished or nearly finished adult / YA or cross-over unpublished manuscript, a one-page synopsis and a covering letter about yourself.
Adventures in Fiction 14th February 2017 £16 A one-page synopsis.

The first page of your novel.

Bath Novel Award 24th April 2017 £25 First 5,000 words plus one-page synopsis of adult / YA novel.
Skylark Soaring Stories 15th May 2017 £6 First 2,000 words plus one-page synopsis of a work of fiction for readers aged 8-12 OR 12+. Please specify the audience you are writing for. Please give the word count of the finished novel if complete. Double-spaced, not previously published.
Bridport 31st May 2017 £20 The first chapters of the adult/YA novel, a minimum of 5,000 words and a maximum of 8,000 words in total, plus a synopsis of 300 words.
Yeovil Literary Usually 31st May 2017 £11 Novel entries must have a synopsis and the opening chapters up to a total 15,000 words.
Ink and Insights 30th June 2017 $35 / $40 / $45 This contest requires the first 10,000 words of your manuscript.

A review by Stuart White is here.

Impress Prize Usually 1st July 2017 £15 Entries should comprise of a book proposal and a sample chapter of no more than 6,000 words.
Cinnamon Press 31st July 2017 £12 Submit the first 10,000 words of the work.
Flash 500 31st October 2017 £10 Opening chapter up to 3,000 words, plus a one page synopsis outlining the balance of the story.
Caledonia 1st November 2017 £20 Novels should be submitted via email to with one attachment containing the first 20 pages of your novel (double-spaced in a size 12 font) followed by a 200 word synopsis. In the body of your email, please list your name (this should not appear anywhere on your novel extract), novel title, contact details and payment date.
Bath Children’s 19th November 2017 £22 3,000 words plus one page synopsis of novels written for children or young adults
Chicken House 8th December 2017  £15  You will need to create a single word document containing the following submission materials:

· A page-long, single spaced covering letter explaining why you believe your novel would appeal to children and telling us a bit about yourself.

· A page-long, single spaced synopsis of your story. Please include all the main points of your plot in your synopsis, including ‘spoilers’!

· The full manuscript, double spaced and in size 12pt font, with numbered pages.


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