Name: Vivyan Lynne
Twitter Handle: @VivyanLynne

YA or MG: YA

Genre: Steampunk Fantasy Romance

Title: Chasing the Horizon
Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): Airship battles. Tree fairies. An arranged marriage. Dax and Konnor’s fight for freedom puts them in the rebel’s crosshairs.

1st 250 words of opening: Dax slammed the doors open, storming out of his father’s office. He was not about to let his father tie him down with a husband. He wouldn’t marry the prince from Seslin, he wouldn’t marry anyone. His father had never listened to him, King Austeareus was always just trying to make Dax do things that would make his father look good. But Dax knew what a scoundrel his father really was. The king had a temper with a short fuse and he’d passed that on to his son. Not that the citizens of Toeaux knew what was going on inside the castle. Dax had been the recipient of his father’s fist before when his father had to force him to do something. But today, that wasn’t going to work. He wasn’t giving in, no matter what.
“Daxi!” He heard the high pitched female voice behind him, Saria, she was the only person that he’d really call a friend. Even so, he wasn’t the warmest person to be around, certainly not when he was angry.
He turned on his heel, staring at the girl with long pink hair. She was one of the special few in Toeaux who had a color like pink as a natural pigment. “What?” He snapped.
She stepped back a little, looking up at him, worry covering her face. “Daxi… What happened?”
He smirked, “I’m getting married.” If anything, he would’ve thought that his father would’ve wanted him to marry her.

Synopsis (200 word max): KONNOR and DAX are princes in neighboring kingdoms, arranged to be married. Konnor runs away to keep his freedom. Dax leaves to defeat the rebels and steal back the royal airship.
First night out, Dax and Konnor meet. After Konnor refuses Dax’s advances, Dax kidnaps him, bringing him along as his plaything. Trapped on Dax’s airship, Konnor gets to see a softer side to Dax.
After days of captivity, Konnor gives in to Dax. Instead of taking advantage of Konnor, Dax lets him free. Dax gets into a street fight with Konnor coming to his rescue. Dax asks Konnor to join him on his airship again as part of the crew, not a captive.
The ship is attacked by pirates who try to kidnap Konnor. Dax saves him, nearly getting killed. Once safe, Dax apologizes for mistreating Konnor and says he loves him. Konnor admits to also loving Dax, the two kiss.
Dax and his crew encounter the rebels and fight, but the rebels are too strong. Dax’s father’s men catch up to him and rush Dax to a hospital. Konnor is sent back to his father.
After months of separation, the two are united and proceed with the wedding.

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): General thoughts mostly, particularly on the synopsis. I’d love to hear what you think about the story start and Dax. And please let me know what you think of the short synopsis, that was so hard to keep short!