Name: Anne Boyere
Twitter Handle: @AmusedNonQueen

YA or MG: MG

Genre: Humour

Title: Milk Moon
Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): Prue is 13, head full of legends, heart grieving for what Gran lost with the stroke. She’ll have to face reality to get Gran back #PeerPitch
1st 250 words of opening: Five minutes to midnight. Five minutes until the full Milk moon would reach its highest point. Like the legend said.

Prue gave a push to Clemen-Gran’s large bottom to get her over a stile.

‘Ugh! Clemen-Gran, your… backside is covered in sticky cobwebs and dead insects. Gross.’

‘Well, I’m not really dressed for this, am I? I thought we were going ballroom dancing!’

Prue rolled her eyes. Clemen-Gran’s outfit consisted of a pink diamante hoodie, paired with a full circle twirly skirt, picking up every bit of mud or wandering bug in its path. And, Clem had cut it in a cherry red fabric, with multicoloured parrots. Seriously.

Two minutes.

Prue took her grandmother’s right hand. The hand that, since the stroke, could not grasp things well. Could not cook, wash, tie laces, carry out the simplest gestures. She pulled Clemen-Gran along, wet grass soaking through her trouser legs.

‘What’s the rush?’

‘Will you shush! Just hurry!’

‘Bit of respect for your udders, young lady!’

‘What? Do you mean elders?’

Prue pulled harder. Clemen-Gran let go of her hand.


The clouds broke. Blue light flooded the field. Night sounds echoed in the air. An occasional hoot. The rustling of tree leaves. A distant chirruping. To Prue’s ears, the sound of her own breathing and clattering heart were deafening.

This was it! If the legend was true Clemen-Gran would be healed. Whole again. Able to leave the horrible Sunny Days care home for ever and not just for night outings.
Synopsis (200 word max): When Prue’s grandmother turns into a werecow during a night of full moon, Prue thinks that Clemen-Gran is under a curse. She decides to take her to a small islet up North, where a ritual that would give human form back to cow people used to be performed.

Unknown to Prue, Clemen-Gran’s state is really due to a drug injected to her by the director of her care home, Ms Skenter. 

Prue and Clemen-Gran travel to the islet and meet with Ted, Prue’s friends. They’re closely followed by Ms Skenter, who manages to reach Clem and inject her with more drug.

When, still on the islet, Prue realises that Clemen-Gran turning into a werecow was always due to the drug, it’s almost too late. Ms Skenter has taken Clem on a boat and injected her with an overdose of Bovinol16. 

However, Clemen-Gran’s retains her personality and manages to kick Ms Skenter’s accomplice overboard when Prue and her friend reach the kidnappers’ boat.

Prue takes Clemen-Gran back to Sunny Days. She receives a treatment to end the effects of the drug. Slowly, Clem goes back to normal, except for a small patch of cowhide, invisible under her hair. 

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