Name: Jan Carr

Twitter Handle: @jancarr

YA or MG: YA

Genre: YA

Title: Spare

Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): It’s hard fitting in but Dawn is a bodyful of spare parts for those who can pay. Can she escape before she’s made to fit in, bit by bit?

1st 250 words of opening: I heard his boots clump up the stairs. I heard him bang on our door and I heard him whisper, “Get rid of her,” in Mum’s ear.

Austen’s here again.

He pushed past her at the door to our attic, lowered his head where the ceiling sloped, swept my book off the sofa and sat down. He leaned over me for the remote and switched off the TV too; I smelled engines and bonfires. I held my breath; I didn’t want to breathe him in.

Mum peeked out the window. “There’s no one outside. You can wait out there.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

Austen stretched his legs into the space where I was sitting and drummed his fingers on the arm of the sofa. I wanted my book. It’s got lots of pictures of birds inside, but it was by Austen’s boot and Mum was already pulling me out the door.

In her bare feet, she took me down the two flights of stairs, out of the big green door with a knobbly black handle to the back of the house. “Sit here,” she said, plonking me on an upside down yellow plastic box with on the side. They’re the only words I know; they’re on everything.

I think any other mum would have given me my book, but she’s not my mum, it’s just what she told me to call her. Sometimes I try to remember if I have a real one.

Synopsis (200 word max): Dawn accepts her strange life with her *mum*, Tamara, and scary Austen in the attic of an old house. That is until the day her *medicine* runs out.

Dawn becomes increasingly disturbed by her family’s behaviour and the presence in the house of Jonathon, a chemist.

When Austen takes her through a hidden tunnel in the house she goes too far and discovers that she is a *spare* child, bred by The Bonille Corporation to supply organs for transplants. When she’s fully aware, Dawn remembers her real mum and knows she must find her.

She discovers that Tamara and Austen are really her sister and dad and they were trying to use Dawn to bring down the Spare programme by colluding with Jonathon.

But Jonathon, only interested in money, betrays Austen who is captured by Bonille security. Tamara runs away.

Dawn finds her mum very sick. When she dies, Dawn picks up Austen and Tamara’s plan.

Dawn returns to the old house, and using the tunnel invades the heart of the Spare operation. She can’t save her dad but with Jonathon’s chemicals does sabotage the huge Spare storage facility, saving hundreds of children and is finally free herself.

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): Its the opening intriguing or confusing?
Does the synopsis make sense?

Thanks so much for reading:)