Name: marisanoelle

Twitter Handle: @marisanoelle77

YA or MG: YA

Genre: SFF

Title: Eat, Sleep, Mine, Repeat

Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): 3 siblings stuck in Minecraft discover lost father. Only w/help from famous avatars do they have a chance of playing their way home.

1st 250 words of opening: 

Chapter 1 – Chris

Health 10/10

Hunger: 10/10

Armour: 0/10

Experience Level: 0
“Chris? Where the hell are we?” Jess asked, her voice lowered to an awed whisper.

Chris stood in front of an irregularly shaped tree. An impossibly shaped tree. It was square. Square from the bottom of the trunk to the very top branches that stretched into the sky. It didn’t taper at all. Square. What the…?

He turned in a slow circle, surveying his surrounds. The last thing he knew he’d slumped down on the overstuffed sofa at home about to settle into a day-long session on Minecraft with Jess and Luke. Luke had finally agreed to play with them. They were going to show him the ropes. But now…here.

Square trees. All of them.

“Chris?” Jess questioned again. She turned in rapid circles, panic making her blue eyes shine.

The square trees flooded his vision to the left. An oak forest, with the odd birch dotted among. Behind him towered icy mountains. Great, soaring gravel mountains dotted with snow and supporting jagged ice spikes. To his right stretched a flat plain with patches of wild grass and dandelions. And straight on he could just make out sand. Maybe a beach. Maybe a lake. Hard to tell.

“Chris?” Jess shook his arm. “Where are we?” She wore a backpack he hadn’t seen before. Beige canvas with brown, leather straps and a symbol of a Minecraft chest on the body. Then he realised he wore an identical one.

“I think we’re in the game,” Chris replied.

“In the game? What game?” 

Synopsis (200 word max): Arachnophobic, Chris, OCD-suffferer Jess and chess-champion Luke are three siblings still trying to adjust to a world in which their father disappeared mysteriously five years ago. One October half term, with their mum working crazy hours as an A & E nurse, Chris and Jess coax Luke, the youngest, into playing a game of Minecraft with them, but find themselves sucked into their tablets, into the game. Suddenly, finding food and shelter is no longer just a game, but the very essence of their survival if they are to make it home. Remaining in the real world, Luke must help his siblings and prevent their mum from figuring out what is going on. Chris and Jess meet the famous avatars Steve and Alex, and together, they begin an epic journey to battle the various mobs who stand in their way between survival and death. Finding their long-lost father halfway through the journey only ups the stakes as the family battle against mysterious updates. Only if they beat the evil Herobrine and slay the Enderdagon will they have a hope of returning home

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): anything at all is appreciated!