Name: Hannah Samson

Twitter Handle: @hannahsam31

YA or MG: YA

Genre: Fantasy

Title: Dragon Lies

Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): An impulsive princess joins with a military chief in-training to catch the dragon hunters who sold her mother into slavery.

1st 250 words of opening: Criminals and gangsters always litter the crowded streets of the Northern Markets. They prowl the roads scanning for loose coins in pockets and people to sell overpriced goods to. Evil men with elaborate robes, strange beasts and scarred faces. But today is worse. It’s recruitment day for the most brutal gangs and dragon hunters, and I need to infiltrate the deadliest one.

I push past an old lady with a tattered red cloak. Her eyes remain on her rotting fruit. She doesn’t want to anger me, mistaking me for a dragon hunter. I blend in well here with my thin armor made of dragon scales. They shine black and the headdress covers my forehead and neck, leaving only my eyes exposed. Unlike the dragon hunters I didn’t kill anything to get this. Besides, the real power lies on the other side of the scales.

A man with facial tattoos smokes something in an elaborate tent, filling the street with a blue vapor. People cough and wave it away but no one dares say anything. The foreign smell burns my throat. My knees shake when I pass and I hunch my shoulders to make myself look smaller. Underneath the tent with gold jewels, six tattooed men sit on the stairs below the smoker. I study the tattoos as discreetly as I can. The black ink swirls around a red beetle and drips drown his neck before disappearing into his cloak. The beetle. He must be the leader of the Kever gang.

Synopsis (200 word max): Ambitious, impulsive CASSIDY has inherited the power to bring inanimate objects to life. Although her father wants to keep her secluded for her own safety, Cassidy wants adventure and to find the strange creatures that litter the Stor Archipelago she lives in. She sneaks off her small island, Irica, with her dragon and explores the other dragon filled islands.

While exploring, a group of dragon hunters and slave traders see her powers and mistakenly kidnap her mother in her place. Guilt-ridden, Cassidy sets out to find her mother, braving vicious gangs, the well-being of her dragon and the destruction of her island. During her battles with the hunters, Cassidy discovers her mother was not in danger at all, but sold her power to the hunters in exchange for magic gems and control over wealthy islands. Cassidy attempts to fix her mother’s mistake by trying to convince her to betray hunters. Her mother tricks her into transferring her power, which she then uses to destroy Irica. Cassidy restores her power by killing her mother and rebuilds her island. Cassidy is left powerless and homeless as punishment for her previous actions until she can prove she is responsible enough to have it.

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): Any feedback is appreciated and welcomed! The synopsis was the hardest part for me so comments on that would be awesome!