Name: marisa noelle

Twitter Handle: @marisanoelle77

YA or MG: YA

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Title: The Mermaid Chronicles – Secrets of the Deep

Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): Romeo&Juliet underwater-When aquaphobic 18yo discovers mermaid roots she must unite warring species to escape imprisonment of ocean

1st 250 words of opening: I hovered in the hallway, watching my Dad standing three inches from the TV screen, the remote in his hand, but forgotten. The screen showed a sunny beach devoid of families and surfers. Instead, ambulance crews and police dotted the length of the coastline, a thick yellow tape preventing people from entering the water. They held hands to their foreheads to shield their vision from the sun and conferred in huddled groups. A tickertape scrolled by at the bottom of the screen: Shark Attack in San Francisco, 2 killed.
I sucked in a breath. Dad turned towards me. He thumbed the remote and the screen went blank. We looked at each other. Neither of us could speak.
“Breakfast is ready.” Dad ushered me to the table. “Here.” He placed a mountain of waffles and bacon in front me and proceeded to drown the whole thing in a gallon of maple syrup.
“Are you just going to ignore what we both saw?” I pointed to the blank TV screen.
His shoulders sagged. “I didn’t want you to see that.”
“Too late,” I said, putting the cap back on the maple syrup.
“You know shark attacks are rare, right?” He paused,

Synopsis (200 word max): When aquaphobic Cordelia discovers her mermaid roots and that her twin brother is very much alive, but chained to the ocean, she promises to be the keeper of the magic pearl. But its magic is elusive and she may need the help of boyfriend Wade. He helps her face her fear of water and save a friend from a shark. But when she discovers he is a sharkian and wants the pearl for his own, selfish reasons, she doubts his love. With a price on her head and mistrust in her heart, Cordelia must risk it all, not just for love, but to save both the mermaids and sharkians from their ocean prison. Only if she can unite the two species, will there be a chance of love and freedom.

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): Anything really! Thanks all!