Name: Ellie Lock

Twitter Handle: @ellielockx

YA or MG: MG

Genre: Paranormal comedy

Title: Weirdos Of London

Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): Freddie’s trying to be normal after sort-of-killing Grandma. But when the Weirdos of London walk in the door, normal goes out the window.

1st 250 words of opening: Freddie had been sent to the basement again.
The light bulb was really dim, and creepy shadows were lurking in the corners behind the cardboard boxes. It was almost worse than being in the dark.
He slumped between the boxes and chucked a tennis ball at the wall. Throw… thud-thud, catch. Throw… thud-thuddity-thud.
The ball dribbled into the gloom. Freddie stood up, tripped over his own feet and fell against a box. A stack of books skidded across the floor. At the top was his battered copy of “Bear Grylls: Survival Camp.” His all-time-number-one-hero fixed him with a fearless gaze.
“Who Dares Wins,” Freddie whispered, sliding the book between Dad’s toolbox and the basement wall.
He found the cobwebby tennis ball and settled back in his corner.
Throw… thud-thud, catch.
From the other side of the wall.
Freddie froze with his arm above his head.
He dropped the ball, scrambled over and pressed his ear to the damp brick. Someone must be trapped down there, probably kidnapped, and he was almost definitely the only person in the world who could help.
There was a creak from the basement door above him and a shaft of bright light sliced the room. Of course – a pincer movement. The wily kidnappers had distracted him and now they were coming to finish the job. They had him like a rat in a trap.
It was Dad.
Freddie straightened up. The prisoner next door would have to hold on a little longer.

Synopsis (200 word max): Freddie’s feeling guilty about killing Grandma. It wasn’t exactly his fault – it was her idea to climb on the roof and fiddle with the TV aerial to watch the wrestling. It’s created a bit of an atmosphere with Dad, especially since they had to move house. Freddie’s promised to be reliable, using his Bear Grylls skills as a shield against unfortunate accidents. But then he meets Lizzie and Boff, misfits who hunt ghosts instead of going to school. It’s too much to resist.
They’re hired by mysterious billionaire Aristotle Drax to find poltergeists for his haunted theme park. The last ghost, Henry VIII, gives them the slip and Drax refuses to pay. Freddie gets lost in Drax’s haunted house and finds hundreds of imprisoned ghosts. He lets them out.
The poltergeists freeze London, a furious Drax comes after Freddie, and the spiteful ghost of Grandma pops up. Lizzie has all the excuses she needs to ditch Freddie and keep Boff to herself.
Except Freddie accidentally texts Boff’s soul to Drax. In order to save his new friend, Freddie has to face his fear of heights, follow former circus acrobat Drax onto the frozen rooftop, and relive the night Grandma died.

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