Name: Mads Bertasio

Twitter Handle: @madsbertasio

YA or MG: YA

Genre: Diverse Fantasy


Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): Bi Edwardian rogue travels time to avoid a prophecy that will kill him, but running spells death for his newfound family | A:TLA #YA #F

1st 250 words of opening: Blake Clive crept across the creaking floorboards. His mother would’ve hated to see what her perfect home had become since she and his father disappeared. Good–after all, the house wasn’t all they abandoned. He flicked a finger out, pushing a vase from its pedestal, not looking back as it shattered. Blake curled his nose at the thick smear of dust the vase left on his finger, wiping it on his trousers.

He was poised for this final act of defiance. After more attempts than he could count over the two years they’d been gone, he finally stood in front of the place they’d forbidden him his entire childhood. He hoped to find answers behind those doors, but even if he didn’t, he wanted to see; wanted to stand in the room and strike a last blow against their neglect. After all of this time, the leaden knot still sat in his gut at breaking the rules. He drew closer; the air charged with electricity. He was like a little kid getting caught playing tricks on the maid. This was a close as he’d gotten. Whether it was Charlie catching him, or his own nerves, he’d never made it all the way to the doors of his parents’ quarters before, but tonight was the night. After this, he could let the past go–put that part of his life behind him at last. People would still whisper to each other when he passed, but at least he could move on.

Synopsis (200 word max): 1902, London. Foster kid Blake Clive is the only person powerful enough to take on twelve genocidal immortals—the Elites—in a hidden dimension woven in time: The Expanse. Blake sets off with Corinna, the girl he’s courting, and Addy, his foster sister, to find answers, but a murder soon forces them through the Expanse to present day New York City.

A group of Rebels take in Blake and become family to him. Surprising tensions flare between Blake and a trans boy named Kyden. Blake still loves Corinna, but Kyden’s unscathing honesty challenges Blake and entices him to try to be better. After a surprise attack by enemies, the Rebels head into the Expanse to fight the Elites.

After Blake defeats the first eleven, Corinna confesses that she is the twelfth Elite. She is confident that Blake is thoroughly under her spell and loyal. She wants to rule the Expanse with Blake under her influence. When Kyden confesses his love, Blake finds the strength to sacrifice himself to defeat Corinna. Blake’s gifts protect him against his own attack and he returns with Kyden to their friends to mourn their fallen loved ones, and prepare to rebuild a new, free, Expanse.

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): Setting in the first 250 and the overall flow of the synopsis!