Trigger Warning: rape, incest content

Name: Darin TaDream

Twitter Handle: @Darintadream

YA or MG: YA

Genre: Contempory Romance


Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): #POC debutante fleeing incest is destined to be a Matron of a small NC town who risks all to save the man who saved her. #YA #CR #peerpitch

1st 250 words of opening: “Never again!” she choked out between the sobs that racked her body as she lay curled up in a fetal ball. “Not to me he won’t, ever! I’ve got to get out of here, not one more day. Not even another sunrise. By morning I’ll be gone. I’ll make him pay for what he’s done, just watch and see. He’ll pay for this. I swear I’ll kill that rapist bastard!”

Her once normal, safe, secure, and loving world had just been destroyed and laid to waste in ten horrid minutes. The seventeen year old, African American, Hollywood debutante, Odie had just experienced one of the most horrendous, vile, degrading offenses that any woman, no matter her age, could endure. Two hours ago, her father, the man she adored, revered, and trusted beyond life itself, had walked out of her room dragging his pants behind him.
It had taken Odie all that time just to quell the tears and force the words out though her emotion strained throat

Why me? What did I do wrong for him to do that to me? No I did nothing wrong! He was drunk again! But maybe my clothes are too revealing or my make up too… No I’ve always dressed this way, he’d never looked at me that way. Why me, why now, is it because Mom left, the divorce or that he got stuck with me. But why me, I didn’t deserve this. I’ve got to get out of here, now! her shattered emotions were raging.

Synopsis (200 word max): Theodora Coldstream, the seventeen year old, African-American, Hollywood debutante called Odie has her safe, secure, sheltered world shattered by her father’s sexual attack.
In her emotional despondency she initiates her revenge by setting the house on fire, and then flees on a desperate journey to try to find her estranged mother and her own self-worth.
Ill-conceived decisions and poor judgment place Odie in personal peril until she is introduced to a member of the family Wilmartin, Franklin Trueman.
The Wilmartin family creed requires Frank to provide assistance to kin.
Reluctant at first, during their three days of travel Frank and Odie find themselves falling in love.
Arriving in the archaic, matriarchal dominated town of Wilmartin Hill, a town populated by nothing but kin, Odie is reunited with her mother and faces with a drastic change from her high-society lifestyle with a potential future of matriarchal responsibilities.
When Frank is in an accident it is Odie to the rescue, finding him suffering amnesia Odie becomes the compassionate and supportive companion that Frank has been for her. An act totally opposite her self-indulgent past.
Finding the key to Frank’s memories, Odie is rewarded with a marriage proposal—but this is Wilmartin Hill.

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): Everyone’s opinion on Genre and age catagory is appreciated. With the topic of incestuous rape, and some discriptive intamacy, I lean toward New Adult not wanting early teens from reading it. With a seventeen year old MC it’s automatically declared a Young Adult.

Odie’s changing lifestyle and future responsiblities may carry women’s fiction, or realistic fiction, but if carried into series as intended romance is the plot.