Name: Alison Hunt

Twitter Handle: @emeraldshadow

YA or MG: MG

Genre: Fantasy

Title: Farseeker – Quest for the Keymaster

Twitter Pitch (140 characters max): The twins & the Farseeker go on a Quest 2 find the Keymaster 2 ask him how to defeat a wicked wizard & his evil Shadow

1st 250 words of opening:

Oblivious to the cold and damp, the Farseeker stood beneath the tree, watching the house with the red front door. In the branches above him, his burryan whickered softly, blowing a ripple of warm air down his neck. She snaked her long thin pointed tongue into his pocket in a quest for the sugar lumps he kept there.

The Farseeker pushed it away muttering irritably, ‘Not now Chase.’

Chase slapped him with her tongue on the back of his neck to register her disappointment. The leaves on the tree rustled as she resettled herself back on her perch.
The Farseeker had been standing there for hours watching the house. Number 37 was the only building in the street with a brightly painted front door. The doors of its neighbours were dull in comparison, painted as they were in dark blue or black.

He stamped his feet, trying to bring his numb toes back to life, wondering how much longer it would be before the portal opened. And with the thought about the portal, came the feeling that he was being watched. It was a feeling he’d experienced for years now and for no apparent reason. As usual, he dismissed it. Why would anyone be watching him? And how could they? His homeland was years and portals away.

It started to rain. The Farseeker sighed. Not for the first time he found himself wishing that the Sisters of the Coven had given him an umbrella spell as well as the Glimmer.

Synopsis (200 word max):

Ben and Jo are dragged through a portal when Jo’s hair gets tangled in a burryan’s tail. The creature’s owner, Farseeker Tolland, is on a Quest to find the Keymaster. He wants to ask him how to rid his home world of an evil wizard and his Shadow.

Tolland abandons the twins, only coming to their rescue when Ben is bitten and infected by the weer curse. Meredith, the Wise Woman who treats the boy, joins them on their journey for her own reasons.

Travelling through many portals, they reach the Soulsucker’s world. The monster attacks them and is defeated. It is only after the attack, that Tolland discovers that he’s had the means to open the portal (a Crystal Rose), to the Keymaster’s world with him all the time.
Meredith shows her true colours. She wants to kill the Keymaster and take his power. She summons the wizard. Jo is forced to use the Rose and open the portal. The two of them are imprisoned by that world’s guardians, whilst Jo, aided by the Keymaster, rescues her friends.

Tolland’s Question is answered. He has to find a magic gem known as the Soulstone. His Quest is not over yet.

Feedback tips (any areas where you specifically want people to focus?): Not sure about the synopsis. Any help appreciated