This week’s blog is all about description; breathing sb10067155f-001life into the worlds that we’re trying to create.

As writers, we’re constantly looking for ways to connect with readers’ senses, so that they can see, hear, taste, smell and feel all the building blocks that make those worlds unique (e.g. places, events, people, cultures, objects). And by ‘feel’ of course, I don’t just mean the physical sensation of touch, I’m also talking about the emotion, empathy or lightbulb moment of understanding that a piece of carefully crafted description can evoke.

Great description is often so much more than conveying details with a bit of cleverly placed imagery (though we all love a nice simile). It’s also about painting a memorable impression of what is going on both externally and internally. Anyway, instead of trying to describe what we mean by good description, why don’t we share a few examples with you…